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*UPDATE* Cover, Info & Excerpt: Starlight (The Dragonian Series, 5) by Adrienne Woods

*UPDATE 2*: Moonbreeze will be released on October 20, therefore in only 2 weeks. Warning! It contains sensitive subjects.

UPDATE Starlight will be release next year, in January, or February (latest.)

If all goes to plan. Starlight will be released Jan latest Feb next year. 3 months after Moonbreeze. Back to back editing for my editors

Posted by The Dragonian Series on Thursday, September 24, 2015

As I mentioned in my previous post, Starlight is the 5th, and final novel of The Dragonian Series, by Adrienne Woods. From what I understood from the author, Starlight will be released soon after Moonbreeze, which will be release in November. So either in December, or at the beginning of the 2016. As soon as I get more information, I will update this post, or write a new one.

starlight banner

The dent will be explain completely in Starlight, since there will be some chapters from Blake’s point of view, therefore will get to read what he went through and what the dent means to a dragon.


starlight excerpt

Starlight’s cover:


To get more information about the series, and the challenge, go to The Dragonian Series Facebook Page

She posts regularly, and she also started to do some vlogs.

Adrienne Woods’ website:

Also, don’t forget to subsribe to Woods’ newsletter, in order to get the first part of Moonbreeze:

If you didn’t get the chapters that were already send, send me an e-mail via Contact Me, I will forward them to you.


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