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Book Review| A Chocolate In My Pocket by Eric LaBranche


A Chocolate In My Pocket
Eric LaBranche
Margaret Anne Suggs (Illustrations)
Children’s Fiction 

32 pages
Kindle, NetGalley



Early this morning, as I lay snoring,
my daughter shared a sweet surprise.
She hid a chocolate in my pocket,
then blew a kiss across my eyes.

An endearing picture book about the sweet relationship between a father and his daughter.



I like reading children’s literature once in a while. These books are always sweet and heartwarming. They remind me of my childhood in a way. This book is no different.

A Chocolate In My Pocket is a nice little picture book. It is about the love and relationship between a father and her daughter. It also hints a little bit at the idea that parents can be too busy sometimes and they might miss some sweet moments with their children. 

The pictures are really cute and nicely done. The little story is cute and lovely. It would be a great read for children who just started learning how to read. 


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